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  • Candace Chambers-Belida


Some women think that true sexiness is in the physical appearance, but truth be told the Ultimate Sexiness is not in the bustier nor the derriere, but rather the confidence that exudes from a woman's mere presence. Its that confidence that follows her wherever she goes. Its captivating, alluring and its what causes all in the room to take notice of this woman when she walks in through the door. Jacki O, Princess Diana and even Cleopatra was this type of woman having that gift of presence. Some women try hard to be sexy by totally dressing sexy yet it doesn't have the magic and the mesmerizing attention needed to be overwhelmingly alluring. Surely you have heard the term she's a "IT GIRL." this is the girl that could wear a sack and she still has this incredible beauty and presence about herself.

Confidence is sexy even coming from an ordinary woman. She may not possess all the perfect body parts, like beautiful eyes, hair and legs, but let her just be in your presence and everyone is completely drawn to her.

What is really amazing is men really do love women that are confident. There is a difference between being confident and overpowering and pushy. Bossiness is never sexy. There is an aura that comes from a confident woman that even other women really take notice of and they would have to honestly confess, there is a pinch of jealously as they look at her.

So surely you can have all the cosmetic surgery in the world, trying to fix every flaw that you think that you might have, but if your inner beauty mixed with your confidence doesn't come shining forth you will still be in search of finding the true you. So the Secret is Be You, be Better Than Ever with your own sexiness and confidence which gives the gift of presence.


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