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Beatrice Lovett-
Senior Executive,

LifeStyles Writer & Contributor
Nelson Whaley- Content Strategist,
LifeStyles Writer & Contributor
Aundre Holmes-Photographer
LifeStyles Writer & Contributor
Beatrice Lovett
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Beatrice Lovette is a woman with impeccable integrity and is driven by her faith. A graduate of Xavier University, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Economics with continuing graduate studies in International Investments. Mrs. Lovette is also a graduate of the Institute of Financial Education (I.F.E), becoming a certified IRA Specialist and serving on the Governor’s Board of Directors as Correspondence Secretary. While attending the Institute of Financial Education, she was honored as the outstanding student of the year in academics, maintaining a 4.0 GPA for three years. 

Beatrice has worked in the financial market for over 30 years and has the talent to recognize economic opportunities. She is fair, honest and exact in the field of finances. While employed by the Emery Federal Credit Union of Cincinnati, Ohio, Beatrice served as Vice President of Member Services and the Director of Human Resources. Beatrice was the first and only African American to hold this position since the inception of the credit union, which was founded in 1939. Her responsibilities included securing and increasing investments, which during her tenure grew at least 50%. Her clients covered the United States as well as the international market. 

Beatrice is a Financial Advisor with outstanding customer service skills. These skills have enabled her to successfully build long-term relationships with her growing client base averaging a net worth of approximately 10 million plus.  Also, honing attention to details, organizing, listening and maintaining confidences are just a few of her strengths. 

Beatrice is also a Partner with The Juice Plus Company. This profession provides a platform that enables her to fulfill her passion, which is to inspire and empower individuals to acquire wealth and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Beatrice is an adventurous person who enjoys traveling and meeting people. Beatrice travels are what led her to start writing. Her best writings are mini stories which she readily shares as she engages people to think outside of the box.  She is a volunteer for Ethnic US, a ministry to Third World Countries. She is also active in her community and often avails herself to serve any and all who have basic needs, regardless of their diversity or demographics. She is fondly known in the community as” Missionary On Wheels.” 

Nelson Whaley has lived in London for most of his life. Involved in real estate for over 40 years, he is a professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. A keen organist and choral singer, Nelson has an active interest in institutions and groups based in London dedicated to the preservation and promotion of historic traditions, buildings, art, music, and flora and fauna. These include ancient Livery Companies in the City of London, Westminster Abbey, the Linnean Society, Chelsea Physic Garden, the Royal Society of Arts, and the Georgian Group. Nelson also deals in commodity trading at all levels. Through a chance introduction to Candace Chambers-Belida some 12 years ago, Nelson collaborated with Candace on various films and other projects. He is now delighted to be a part of Irresistibly Magazine and joining Candace in her latest exciting venture to promote her extraordinary art collections which have caught the attention of buyers and galleries resulting in an agreement with an established gallery in Madrid, Spain to exhibit her work in important galleries around the world.

Cheryl McPherson-
LifeStyles Writer & Contributor
Bendetta Perry-Inspirational
LifeStyles Writer & Contributor
Sara Andrew_edited.jpg
Sara Andrew-
LifeStyles Writer & Contributor

Sara Andrew is a writer from the scenic and beautiful Pt Lincoln, South Australia, who now lives on the European mainland. Her writing encompasses all areas, mirroring the diversity and richness of life, transporting readers into realms of luxury and elegance from the comfort of their living rooms.

Sara as well is a seasoned Wellness and Recovery Coach, masterfully navigates the turbulent waters of challenging circumstances affecting individuals and families. With her expert guidance and intuitive understanding, she introduces a multitude of possibilities and routes towards recovery and wellness, effectively eradicating the notion of ‘challenge’.

Bendetta Perry is a well known, highly sought after inspirational speaker, seminar teacher, writer and president of the Fragrance of the Spirit God’s Aroma Ministry.  She teaches as Christians walk in the nine fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness, faith, longsuffering, meekness, and temperance. They release an aroma (perfume) in the atmosphere that causes the world to be drawn to the Christ within them. Her mission is to share the gift of her ministry across the globe.

Ms. Perry is in high demand for speaking engagements, due to her unique style of teaching and theatrical presentations of biblical characters. Her every word envelopes the atmosphere with a sense of delight as it empowers her listeners to examine their own impact on others around them regardless of their life’s condition or situation .  

Ms. Perry is a graduate of the “International School of Ministry” and has received several awards for her fragrance ministry. Ms. Perry will be the perfect speaker for your next conference, retreat, seminar, or Women’s Conference.


“What Fragrance Are You Wearing?”

Cheryl McPherson
World Traveler/Writer/Photographer
Originally from Massachusetts, she spent many years in Boston working in the renowned PBS station, WGBH, home to Masterpiece, Antiques Roadshow, Nova, and many others. She moved to San Diego after having lived in London and travelled extensively throughout the US and many of the capital cities of Europe. Her bucket list covers all 7 continents and possibly even outer space!
Come with her while she explores luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, send even “glamping” sites around the US and the world!

Sandy Ayers-LifeStyles 
Writer & Contributor

Speaker of the Heart-She has traveled from Russia to different events in churches speaking around the USA. Spoken on radio broadcasts about living in and through abusive relationships. Sandy covers all topics from all walks of life. Motivation is her heart to speak life back into hopeless situations. She will make you laugh and cry all at the same time of driving the truth home.  She will be the first to say she hasn’t arrived…who has? Let her touch your heart and move you into hope.

Beverly St. Clair - LifeStyles
Writer & Contributor

Beverly St. Clair is a contributing writer and consultant on special assignments in fashion, home and family, business, media, lifestyle, adventure, medical health and wellness – along with the special wanderings, discoveries and breakthroughs in the journey of Life as a 21st century woman of God.

Aundre Holmes From Mission Viejo California has been photographing for over forty years, Photography is his love and passion. iHe love the interaction with people and  love the various places of beauty. 

Dawn Morabe
LifeStyles Writer & Contributor
Dawn Morabe

Dawn is a woman who retired from a demanding and eye-opening career in law enforcement.  Her career provided the opportunity to witness and experience the diversity and humanity of our communities.  While serving in her career, she focused her energy on the betterment of her partners and serving communities with compassion and respect, knowing that a sense of dignity for all was profoundly important.  She offers insights and thought-provoking questions about who we are and how we may become better versions of ourselves through joy and tragedy.  Experiencing life in all its beauty and challenges.  She is a woman of resilience and profound gentleness, splashed with fierceness.  Believing the human spirit is both fragile and powerful.  She walks alongside all that seek, feel, and allow spirit to unfold in their lives. 

Nina Radcliff-LifeStyle Writer Contributor

With an outstanding reputation as a medical physician and dedicated communicator to her patients as well as audiences nationwide, Dr. Nina Radcliff is devoted to helping people live healthier lives and gain wise understandings about health and wellness concerns facing our nation, today. She is becoming one of America's leading doctor-reporters contributing to weekly columns and broadcast segments – committed to providing clear, concise and insightful understandings on breaking medical news; developments in medicine; personal health and wellness; as well as the healthcare industry, at large. Her driving passion has always been to touch lives and make a difference through medical practice and wise communications with a balanced framework of understanding in Ethics and Morals; she was greatly influenced at a very young age by her mother – an excellent communicator, dedicated people person and practicing physician.

While finishing her degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Ethics and Morals, she was inspired by a professor that understood her mission and pointed to the fact that anesthesiologists obtain the medical expertise and knowledge to address medical encounters of almost every factor. Other doctor-professors echoed a similar message: anesthesiologists are internationally recognized leaders in all areas of medicine for physician-led research in understanding how situations, substances, advancements as well as lifestyles impact all aspects of the human body of children, men and women of all ages and backgrounds. These particular understandings aligned with Dr. Nina's vision to make a difference as a practicing physician patient-by-patient as well as a medical communicator to millions. She went on to complete medical school and her residency at UCLA. 

Dr. Nina Radcliff is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists where she serves on committees for Young Physicians and Communications. Author of more than 200 textbook chapters, research articles, medical opinions and reviews; she is often called upon by national, regional and local media to provide medical expertise on breaking medical news and topics impacting lives, today. In addition, she is a regular medical contributor for newspapers and magazines with her health and wellness column: "Dr. Nina's What You Need to Know." Dr. Nina is a Physician Legislator Ambassador for her state; providing information and insights about issues related to healthcare, primary care shortages, compounding pharmacy safety and patients' rights.

Cheryl Avery-LifeStyles 
Writer & Contributor

 Cheryl Brown-Avery, Author of "Annie the Mule goes to the State Fair," and seven Annie the Mule Children's Books. I'm a graduate of New Hanover High School , Class of 1977, Wilmington, North Carolina. I attended Sacred Heart College, Belmont, North Carolina, Class of 1981 and majored in Social Work earning BSW. I'm a Motivational Speaker and have traveled to schools and community events across the United States since 1981. My goals were to educate children on the dangers of gangs, drugs, bullying, hoping to save as many youth as I can. Since 1986, I have published nine books. I enjoy writing and work as an advocate for the youth.

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