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Irresistibly "LuLU"

We at Irresistibly Magazine, were so touched by the story of Lauren "Lulu" Williams that we decided that she truly represents what it means to be "Irresistibly," Lulu is Bold, Brave and Beautiful. One of the most devastating issue that face young people today because of social media is "Bullying," there is no place for this in our schools where students are so embarrassed or harassed because of what they look like or who they are. With grace and courage she handled a difficult situation and now she is shining amongst the stars! Lulu you are "Irresistibly Fabulous!"

Candace Chambers-Belida



Your Truth

There is nothing more important in Life than Living your Truth, and "Lulu" is on a mission to do just that. She has the unique style and exuberance that will catapult her to new heights and levels.

Photographer: Brandon Dior, @Gobonanzabooth (instagram page)



Editors Note:
August Lulu 2018

Every Woman

We all know the dangerous affects of Bullying, we don't really understand why sometimes instead of sisterly love there is jealousy and hate. But Lulu's mission is to stand up against Bullying and move women towards a dialog of friendship and empowerment. Facing courage in the midst of adversity she is Bold, Brave & Beautiful and wants every woman to be inspired by facing things head on.


Free To be who you are - Born To Be! Free to accept yourself just as you are with the flaws and perfections. Embracing the beauty that is not only on the outside but the beauty that truly is within, is being Truly Free. Lulu is Free!

Photographer: Emily McGonigle,

Special Highlight Irresistibly August Cover

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