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It is with absolute pleasure to Highlight This September's Irresistibly's Cover.

Chance Cessna is an extraordinary woman that is doing extraordinary things! With a sparkling personality she is empowering women around the world to be their best selves. She is destiny driven and it shows. Yes there is "Fire in Her Spirit."

Beautifully she is graced with poise and elegance as she interview some of the most renown celebrities, and as a model her beauty radiates. 

With Destiny in her steps she has just released her new book "Destiny Unstoppable" that is a must read empowering all women with strength and confidence.

We find Chance Cessna Irresistibly Amazing!


Editor's Note:

Cascading Beauty

From Head to Toe! When it comes to Beauty Chance exudes incredible beauty. she also has the inner beauty with warmth, depth, and a passionate desire to help others and to give of herself. There is something very admirable about someone that feels deep compassion and a love for others lending a helping hand. 

Chance has that spiritual connection that drives her towards her destiny. With her amazing God-Given talents and abilities she is a beauty to behold.

Her Spirit is On Fire, and it shows! Once you find your purpose in life your vision is clear. You embrace life because you were born for this moment in time and born to achieve your goals. Chance knows she is created and designed with purpose!

On Fire!

Authentically You!

Fashion is your own personal signature on style. "Who and What" you are speaks in what you wear and how you wear it. But true confidence can't be bought at store. You have to discover who you are, and then let your amazing style and fashion shine forth.

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