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IRRESISTIBLY MAGAZINE is a privately owned  Luxurious Lifestyle Magazine. We Welcome you to our New Launched Magazine.

Our goal is that our readers see and experience luxurious lifestyles at their finger tips. The world is an open door for everyone to explore.

We welcome the opportunity not only to showcase the most enchanting places and locations, we will also showcase lifestyle stories of those that are living Irresistibly Beautiful Lives. We at IRRESISTIBLY MAGAZINE want to give our readers the inside outs of Luxurious Living. Highlighting the latest trends in fashion styles, celebrity spotlights, exotic places, indulgent foods and so much more.

There is nothing as exciting as the deliciousness of life, and as an Author and Lifestyle Expert, come with me and explore the world of exhuberant deliciousness, from the finest foods, to the most exquisite places and the most luxurious self-indulgences. As a Radio/TV Host and Commentator I have had the pleasure of traveling around the world, discovering new tastes, and new adventures with exciting new experiences. My motto

"Life is One Moment in Time so "Own It"and let it be Fabulous!"

   Your Editor

   Candace Chambers-Belida

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