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Number #1

I Do You! When it comes to marriage it should be stated not I do, but rather "I DO YOU," To I DO YOU means that you are willing to not only mesh and become one with the other person, but that you are willing to treat the other person like you would treat yourself. True love has not only reckless abandon, but true love has a full on commitment that means through thick and thin, good and bad, rich and poor, I will stay true to You. When life's problems slap most people in the face the adversity causes them to run and the commitment of I Do runs out the door. To love someone and to be one is to give completely without reservation or selfishness.

Numbers#2 Respect- Without Respect the relationship is doom for failure. You must have mutually respect for one another. It is required for true success and love to flourish.

Number #3 If I fall you Catch Me, in moments and seasons of life we will have those moments when nothing goes right, it is imperative to have a partner that will be willing to catch the other person if they fall, by not only lending a shoulder, but a hand to pull the other one back up.

Number #4 Passion- God Love the Passion that a couple on fire have for one another. A spark that once was kindle can turn into a blazing inferno. It is important to keep love and intimacy moving in the relationship, don't let tiredness or weariness keep you from each others arms.

Number #5 Don't let money drive and control the relationship. Money comes and goes and if your relationship is based purely on money you will be hanging on by a prayer if its gone.

Number #6 Everything has its Place- Including Friends and Family, you don't put your other family and friends before your spouse, loving one another means putting that persons needs and emotions before others.

Number #7 Agree to Disagree- It is important to realize that its ok not to always agree on everything, the issue is not to take it personal, and to be willing to let the other person have an opinion even if its different from your own.

Number #8 Never Lord over the Other Person, treating the person as if they were a slave or a doormat. Understanding that its important that each give to the other generously in all things from chores, cleaning, to business and personal issues.

Number # 9 Never Go to Bed Mad-This is one of the worst things to do is to stew over a problem over night, to sleep in separate rooms and to allow the silent treatment to become the norm in the house is a gateway for problems. Anger is never acceptable so cool the jets of an argument before it leads to worse situations that are irrevocable.

Number #10 Kids in the Bed. Its wonderful to have your children in the bed, but don't let it become an issue that blocks the flow of communication and intimacy between you.

Number #11 Lessons - Don't feel that you have to manipulate a situation to teach your spouse how to act, when you try to coerce a situation by trickery or manipulation you are bending the will of another person, and forcing your own wants upon them rather than allowing them to think freely for themselves about the matter.

Number #12 Never absolutely never stop loving one another, even when things seem to get boring or when you start to grow old, grow old gracefully and by all means love each other Irresistibly!

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