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  • Candace Chambers-Belida

New Year! New You!

Everybody in life would love to have a "Do-Over" if they could. Creating their life over and embracing a "New You," is always coveted. But the truth be told we are always evolving, becoming better. When the New Year kicks in, we rush to the gym and the spa, and to our favorite fitness guru with the hopes and wishes that this particular year will be different than the last and that we indeed will become a " New You." For those, that are truly seeking to uncover the mystery of this seemingly fleeting makeover challenge is that we have always had that power within our heart, soul, and mind to become whatever we focus our hearts direction to truly become.

The mind itself creates that ability to transform oneself first from within rather than without. The old wise saying "So The Mind Thinks So One Is."

The word "Can't' is instantly removed from one's vocabulary and suddenly replaced with "I Can." Nothing in the world becomes unachievable. Now, realistically it doesn't mean if you think that you can fly you can go to the nearest tall rooftop and endeavor to try to do so. What truly conquers the challenge set before you is simply, your will to do so. When you put your mindset on the goal, and you are focused and not distracted, and you are willing to put forth the effort, the work, the energy, you will see that just like a master sculptor that took a large stone and daily chipped away what he didn't want until he had the masterpiece he so desired. Being a "New You" is as simple as that. Working with all that you already possess, and knowing your worth and true value, and becoming the best you are is the "New You," so each day rather than each year, make your life's journey the prize of growing spiritually, physically, and emotionally that nothing exudes from you except beauty, light, love, and radiant sunshine. This is walking in your purpose, destiny and your true authentic self which is the "New You" that you secretly possess.



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