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  • Candace Chambers-Belida


What do you do when you are hit with a whirlwind of circumstances and you feel like you are swirling and drowning as if you were lost at sea? The first thing that you don’t do is panic. Life has a way of putting you in various situations that cause you anxiety and even pain. The real issue is how you face and deal with those circumstances that you are in. Is the situation going to overcome you, or are you going to overcome the situation? Sometimes things in life stop you dead in your tracks, you feel as if you are paralyzed and can’t move backward or forwards. Your heart stops a beat and you are completely frozen by fear. The reality is that most things in life are not as bad as we imagine them to be. Sometimes our perspective takes us to an imaginary place where this event is the worst in life, and the problem is insurmountable.

The reality of that truth is that this too shall pass. We have seasons in our life of great victory, joy, peace, and sheer happiness. Then when life hits us with a low season such as a death of a loved one, divorce, loss of job or finances, or a personal event, we surmise that this trial will last forever and that things will never get better, your mind plays tricks on you that this is your forever way of life. This is not your forever. Life is always changing, just like the currents in the ocean, things are constantly in motion.

To survive the downsides of life, you have to say to yourself “Self-Keep It Moving”. No one knows what a day will bring forth and everything in life is subject to change. The problems you have today won’t even come to mind tomorrow. It's that fleeting. The secret is that in your inner core of being you hold on to faith, and let the realization that some things measured on a balance aren’t worth worrying about. Ultimately some things in life no matter how we try, we can’t resolve and fix everything. We all have our limitations and we have to make peace with ourselves that as long as we have done the best we could, we have to leave the rest to life to sort out. Resilience is built in all of us, and we have to have the courage to harness this courage when we feel stuck, so whatever is happening face its true purpose knowing that all things have a way of working things out and it's up to you to just “Keep it Moving.”



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