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  • Candace Chambers-Belida


What do you do if the man of your dreams walks out of your life to only later want to walk right back into your life? Is there room for a repeat, a do-over, or a new beginning? Well sincerely as much as your heart may be throbbing and your pulse rate is racing, it's time to hit the pause button, before you fast forward. True love if it's real love has a way of surprising you.

Some relationships can be rekindled and pick up just where it was left off, without missing a single beat. Rare, but possible. To repeat or do over relationships, there must first be clarifications of defining why the person left, and what was the real reason, this issue must be addressed. In relationships, there could be a moment of cold feet, or hesitation due to just personal feelings, career issues, and so on. But two people must go back in time and readdress the underlying problems and issues so that these issues don't repeat themselves.

Next, the biggest question is why are you coming back. Is it true love, you know you found out that you couldn't live without the person, or didn't want to live without the person, and wanted that person to share with you all of your life experiences and journeys. Could it be you were lonely, and didn't want to live a life alone, or was it your other relationships weren't working so well, so you thought back to your previous relationship, even more so could it be that you want the person back because you felt you couldn't do any better and that time was running out and you wanted to check marriage off your list. Oh my, there could be a thousand reasons why a person comes back. But you have to define and seek high and low to know whether it's a fit for you.

Time change everything, time changes people's feelings and perspectives. People can even grow in different directions, whereas before they may have been on the same page. Is the relationship a default relationship. It is imperative to do a lot of soul-searching before you let the one you love, or loved back into your heart. The one that you adored, but the one that made you cry. The one that you gave your heart to, but the one that broke yours. I am a complete sucker for romance, and I absolutely love a romantic ending to a fairytale-like story, knight comes in and sweeps you off your feet, as the white horse carriage stands by. Well, when you get older, you get wiser, and what floated your boat then may not now.

You may be more attracted to a solid character rather than a wispy free spirit. You have made true loyalty and commitment and trust a keener priority than adventurous morning strolls along the oceanside. Deep down you have to figure it out, does it fit? Does it all fit?

Can I handle the good the bad and even the ugly? Do both people have the stick-to-it-ness to become completely one? Is longevity the key, and are you both on the same journey of growing old together, in essence, do you both mesh together and have a willing heart to put each other first? Or sadly is this a repeat of past performances? If that's the case you have to be bold in the face of your own heartfelt emotions and say "No Repeats."



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