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  • Candace Chambers-Belida

Surviving Change!

No matter how much we would love for everything in our life to stay the same, it won't. If we all had a time capsule and could put everything we love and cherish into it, it still would not stop change. Change is often scary, yet if we realize that change is on our side, instead of running from it, we would simply embrace it. If life had no change, there would be no newness of life. It would be like a video loop playing over and over again. You wouldn't know the wonders of the world, its vastness, and creation if there was no change. If the seasons and time were at a standstill everything would become stagnate and stale, as the world would stop evolving and turning.

Could you imagine a bird singing the same song over and over again? After a while everything becomes redundant. The beauty of change is that we have the ability to enjoy the mystery and wonderment of it all. Meeting new people and loving people even as they come and go in and out of our lives. It is important to realize that every moment of every day is a gift. That gift comes in a multitude of ways. In a blink of an eye, things change. What once was normal, is no longer normal, what once was comfortable is no longer comfortable. Yet we come to find in the beauty and amazement of it all there comes with that change a keen awareness of rejuvenation and life. Oh if we all could see the magnificence of change and not living in the past or in a moment in time, but embracing with exhilaration our true being that moves us closer and closer to life destiny. Our steps are set before us and through bravery, we survive the adversity of change.



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