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  • Candace Chambers-Belida

Glorious Blooms

There is something incredibly glorious about springtime that seems to rejuvenate the soul when one starts to see flowers bloom. What is it that makes the soul lap as if embarking on a new journey or adventure? Well, it is just that, the cold winter has passed and the warm sun seems to creep around the corner showing its face. We love the feeling that flowers bloom and birds singing gives to our soul like a rebirth. Maybe it is just the feeling of a new beginning or another day to seize the moment of life. Whatever it is, we all absolutely love it. As a matter of fact, we simply adore it.

The changes of seasons give us time to dust off the winter blues and spring into creativity and vibrancy. So much excitement is in the air and we swallow its breeze of fresh air with the wonderful smell of lavender and heavenly florals. It's just so intoxicating and our senses dance with utter enthusiasm. So as we step into spring let it be a "Glorious Bloom."


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