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  • Candace Chambers-Belida


So Ladies, when it comes to falling in love we all want to have the Cinderella Story, but what happens when you meet the man of your dreams and you find out that the relationship is not cracked up to what you thought it would be. Even more so you find out your prince charming isn't so charming. What happened to the warm fuzzies and the goo-goo-ga ga's? Sometimes you get into relationships thats full of emotion and passion yet there is no real substance or foundation to hold things together, so then whats a girl to do?

Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball, and if you don't build the relationship strong, no matter how much passion and emotion you have eventually it will fizzle out and fade. Longevity in any relationship can only be sustained by commitment. Both parties must be committed to one another no matter what. Commitment is stronger than feelings and emotions.This is the rock solid commitment that brings everything else together.Sp before you say that the thrill is gone, try to enhance the relationship with conversation that will build true intimacy and closeness.

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