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  • Candace Chambers-Belida


When Life Gets in the Way you Dare To Stand- Tribute Memorial to My Husband David that passed away of Cancer. This is our story in Dare To Stand. God is the Final Authority over All Things in our Life.

"DARE TO STAND" is one newly married woman's struggle deep within her soul: to believe God, when faced with her husband's diagnosis with terminal cancer. Her challenge is to rise above the situation, and her agony and believe God. This book is intended to lift the spirit and inject hope where there is total despair and fear. It points a steady direction to God as the final authority over all things in our life. No matter what the crises or dilemna of life may be or what one is facing, God is the ultimate answer to everything. As this real-life drama unfolds, its protagonist meets the challenging demand to stand and face cancer head-on more easily, when God is added to the equation. Clothed with strength and faith, this book reaches to the highest heavens and renews the brokeness of man with hope. Its gritty detail and powerful revelation of man's desperate need for God shows that every detail of life is all a part of the Master's Plan.

Dare To Stand


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