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  • Candace Chambers-Belida


Dream and Dream Big. For life to be an adventure you have to dream and dream big. Being afraid to take a step of faith and trying to embrace some of those innermost desires is a challenge for most. It isn't that people are afraid to fail, its that most are afraid to succeed. Seems to be a perplexing situation that if you succeed you can be fearful of the very thing that you are seeking after. As a child we have all been taught to be Dream Chasers, we have fantasied about many things, becoming a movie star, astronaut, fireman, or the president of the United States. We are always asked as a child what do you want to be when you grow up. Some adults after hearing our desires, can deem them outlandish or foolish. This is the beginning of bursting one's bubble. No one has the right to burst someone's bubble, their dreams and desires. the world is big and you can achieve what ever you desire. If you want to be a pianist, artist or even a scientist the world is at your command and you have the right to be a dream chaser to catch hold of all your dreams. The Best things in Life is Living to the Fullest!


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