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  • Sandy Ayers


Being stuck in the middle is not a good place to be. You have a mountain on one side and a closed road on the other. You find yourself wondering how you're going to get around it, or through it for that matter. At this point in your life, you have to look up because that's the only way out. You can use the stuck feeling to stop and think about the situation. It's at these times you will find that your answer has been sitting inside of you all along. Just be still! You need to surround yourself with people that are positive. People who will feed into the positive of your life. Draw to the positive energies and leave the negative side. Control, alt, and delete does wonders. I've always heard you are your surroundings, so that's why it's important to surround yourself with a positive group who will give you options of which way to go and suggestions of what you could do perhaps, or even what you shouldn't do. I heard it said always go with your gut instinct that is generally the best way. Even if, the normal doesn't seem normal. Its like you're walking out on stones into where the stones end. You have to just walk on the water until you find the stone to keep your balance. You always have options when you're stuck. Weigh your options look at the best path to go down. Remember your gut feelings don't take it for granted. Listen to the positive forces around you and tune out the negative. Ignore the jealous people they will only wear you out. There will always be someone somewhere saying, you should have gone this way, or you should have done things that way. You are given a brain for a reason. You were given the heart to feel new and giving emotions when you needed to hide. You got This!

Press On until you find YOUR own Rainbow!


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