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So Should A Woman Propose To A Man?

Well Ladies Times A Changing! It seems that the 21st century has not only brought on explosive changes around the world, it has now even changed the way romance and traditional marriage is pursued. After contemplating this new found freedom of emancipation is this now going to be the new wave that a woman no longer waits for a man sitting on her sofa with a bowl of Rocky Road Ice Cream tearfully watching the movie “When Harry Met Sally” for her knight in shining armor to knock on the door and wisp her away, on a bended knee with a ring.

Is the Love Chase Really Over? Is it now null and void, is that old ancient secret of romance now thrown to the wind? The cat and mouse, the hide and seek of luring romance, is this love game over? While my head is taking a spin, wait a minute, I thought it was always decorum, etiquette to let the guy lead, that men are truly wired to chase after women, so let the chase begin. Oh no, you mean that woman are no longer supposed to be mysteriously seductive to lure a man into her clutches with full on feminine attraction and beauty. Is all of this being tossed out like the baby with the bath water? Isn’t it supposed to be in man’s DNA and animal instinct to be hunter and chase after his prey and his woman, while giddily and graciously the woman is to mesmerizes him with her flirty batting eyelids while running, but not (running so hard that she is can't be caught) mind you.

Oh my world is flipping upside down, is this good or is this bad that the love game of chase is over, or that its now a flipped script and the woman is now the pursuer and the man is now the one that has to mysteriously decided whether or not he will run or have reckless abandon and choose the throngs of a woman’s love for ultimate matrimony. Well the old saying is to each its own. But if I may, offer a little bit of an opinion for those pondering hearts. If really it is in a man’s DNA to be the chaser and through the chase a man’s heart is kindled and warmed and ready to embrace the woman that he has conquered parse, how is his heart naturally kindled if there is no chase, when he is designed to chase. Isn’t he missing a beat, let’s go further, is a woman really a chaser and pursuer of a man, is it a big turnoff when a woman chases after a man?

Isn’t it always the woman that the man chases after the one that seems to hold the key to the man’s heart? Oh my too many questions. But let’s go a little deeper, does a woman loose anything by having her emotions front and center by displaying her true affections first? Will the man that accepts the proposal feel that he has won the coveted prize of matrimony after receiving something that was handed to him on a bended knee rather than earned. Now I think it’s amazing to be able to step into this new level of intimacy and freedom with no arms barred, that two people that love each other can come together and make a decision to spend their life together, but will the man later feel that he himself was emasculated in the situation by not leading, or is this a meaningless issue for him? Well, truly it has worked for others as well as Sandra Bullock in the movie "The Proposal" (love that movie).

Yet I find myself that I am still old school reminiscent of times past, and I have found that even the biblical principles that when a man (Finds) a woman he finds a good thing seems to be the design of the universe. Well what happens if a woman finds a man does she too find a good thing too? Well I think she does, but I think that because men are driven and designed for the chase – the love chase, that he skips a beat when the woman chase’s for the both of them. So life is ever changing and ever evolving, I can only admit honesty I don’t think there is anything more exhilarating than when a man finds a women that he feels is worth chasing and for me, that keeps me running in the Game Of Love the “Love Chase.”



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