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  • Candace Chambers-Belida

Breaking the Glass Ceiling!

Truth be told women have been breaking the glass ceiling for centuries. History has a list of records of amazing women that have pioneered womanhood to the forefront, such as Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Empress Wu Zetian, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Thatcher, Jackie Onassis, Mother Theresa and many more. On the backs of women the woman of today stand. The amazing thing about women, is their inherent resiliency to not only face aversion and trials but their innate ability to look beyond the circumstances with vision and with hope. Women are the true backbone of society from their nurturing care of motherhood, to being able to effectively garner societal change.

Women having being breaking the glass ceiling since the beginning of time. The phenomenal power and beauty inside of a woman has even brought kings down to their knees. Women are future makers with incredible vision. A woman will go through hell and turmoil to save her family, her maternal instinct is supreme. As they say never mess with a Mama Bear, for surely you won't forget it.

Leadership and direction and wisdom are deep in the soul of a woman with purpose. Everything she does is calculated and analyzed. Despite the fact that I feel that women have amazing inner strength, I feel that she is a sure compliment to the opposite sex. Surprisingly enough most men recognize this as such, that a woman is the greatest gift on earth that God has given to man, so yes Women have already broken the glass ceiling- long long time ago.


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