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As long as temptation has been around there has been the 80/20 Rule! Life always appears to be better in someone else's shoes. But the true reality that often slaps one in the face is that life and love is not always what it appears to be. In most relationships after the warm fuzzies and goo-goo ga-ga's wear off, people have a tendency to start to find fault in the relationship. Accusations of what one is no longer doing, or what one should be doing start to swirl around in the air. "Fault Finding Leads to Dissatisfaction Immediately." Where there once was love and passion is now boredom and separation.

Not realizing that there is a normal wear and tear in the relationship so that comfortableness takes place, most find that the relationship like a flower is slowly dying. Contrary to all of this, the relationship is actually growing and budding into full maturity.

So what is the first thing to take place, it's the Roving Eye. Once this happens, be assured you are on a collusion course for disaster. Its the beginning of playing with fire. You find that all of a sudden those feelings of exuberance and excitement start to flood your blood stream and you begin to think that this new friend, new attraction is now your new soul mate. The one that you have always been looking for. You feel that this person is now your world, your everything.You have a desperate feeling deep inside the core of your being that you must leave completely your present situation for this new found adventure.

If you added true weights and balances you will find in your mind you have compromised your feelings over true facts regarding this relationship, because you feel your present relationship has left you wanting. You may have been with your best friend, that would do anything for you, you may have had fun and excitement but have now allowed the everyday grind of work and problems invade the true beauty of that relationship, so what you may see as past value really isn't worth much, it's only offering you now 20 percent of happiness while this new relationship clouded in mystery and excitement is the new 80 percent, thus to be traded for the 20. Sadly its a miscalculation, it's a counterfeit emotion of feelings, propelled by fatigue, boredom and growing pains. A counterfeit looks like the real thing, and feels like the real thing, but its still a counterfeit (relationship).

In other words you are trading the best for nothing, the 80 for the 20. Your fantasy is not reality, and eventually your fantasy will not live up to its luster and shine and in time to will soon fade. So in essence some people have learned a hard crashing lesson, that they have left something good and solid for something worse.

As the old saying goes its not always greener on the other side of the fence, and what you will find is that each relationship has problems and issues, the problems may change yet there will alway be problems. The question to be considered is it worth it? Majority of the time most are later devastated that they have lost the best thing they ever had, by chasing after a 100 percent of fanciful wishful desire which really equates to the 20. No one will ever have a 100 percent in a relationship, that would mean that they have reached perfection, and that alone would be utopia, true heaven.

I have heard many men and women say with utter regret, "What in the World was I thinking," how could I have been such a fool for trading Brenda for Mary, or Michael for John. Lesson learn is that you don't gamble your relationship on a feeling, on a fleeting moment. The damage most often is unrepairable, and you may have truly lost your real soul mate. Wisdom rings true don't risk what you know you have at home for whats roaming in the streets.


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