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Welcome back to Life’s Inspirational Moments with Bendetta Perry. I am celebrating one of my favorite times of the year, Fall! Can you believe it? Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is fast approaching! You know what that means? Merry Christmas! Merry Xmas! Happy Holidays! FELIZ NAVIDAD! Whichever is your holiday salutation, it’s the season of joy and gifting.

‘Tis the season to celebrate, reflect, and share the blessings of life. It’s time to give of ourselves and gift to others. Unfortunately, the commercialism of Christmas has smothered the true reason for the season.

Although a joyous season, many find this time of the year to be very depressing and full of sorrow because of the losses experienced throughout the past and current year. For many this season is a time of dread and a painful reminder of the loved ones who’ve transitioned on from this life into what some call the “Hereafter.”

I’ve discovered in my quest for happiness, peace and love, that giving to others has been the seed that yielded the fruits of happiness, peace and love into my life. A month ago, I was with Consuming Fire Ministries (Bishop Jarvis Hines) in Colton, CA when they sponsored a fund raiser breakfast for their Men’s Retreat at the Redlands, CA local Applebee’s restaurant. There were so many displaced families in the parking facility living in their cars with children that were hungry and needed help. With compassion and kindness the ministry decided to invite the homeless inside to receive at no cost an all you can eat pancake breakfast with the works. Giving that breakfast was a gift of life that brought happiness, peace and so much needed love to all the givers and recipients.

The inspiration to gift is not automatic. Giving is not just seasonal. You have to look for reasons to be thankful and gift to someone in need. Reach up for the good fruit hanging from the tree of life (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, cheerfulness, forgiveness, faithfulness) and share the blessings of the season. Have a Joyful Christmas and Blessed New Year!!!

Evangelist Bendetta Perry

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