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There are somethings in life that no matter how hard you try you just can't prepare yourself for it. After the loving patriarch of our family lost his strong battle to Alzheimer's right before Christmas my heart was completely gutted. I had felt that I would be just as courageous facing his death as he was facing his battle. But the moment of reckoning came for me when I realized that the man that was the love of our lives was gone, I became so lost in emotion that I thought how can I ever talk about being strong or empowered or facing your fears when one of my greatest fears had just hit me in the face. It completely took the wind out of me. I thought I was tough, prepared and resilient enough, because I had been down this road before. But what I came to find out that each time you lose someone, a piece of you is lost with them.

But hidden in the midst of my sorrow as I left the grave site, I discovered a secret treasure was buried inside of me. It was all the loving words and encouragement that were once spoken to me. It was all the memories that we had shared. I was suddenly touched with an amazing sense of real empowerment that what I thought was a lost was truly a gain. My Patriarch Relative that had helped raise me as a child had left inside of me everything I needed to have sweet comfort and confidence to face in life whatever was ahead of me, "Simply Because He Believed in Me."

In this fight of life, we hurt, we have pain, we fall but we rise again. All of his words rung loud and clear in my ear, giving me the true courage to speak boldly to the coming year, "2018 Bring It! Bring It On!"

DWE -We Love You!


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