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  • Candace Chambers-Belida


There comes a time in life you when you have to make a change! Everything in your body can say leave things as the (Status Quo) but there is something in your gut that will unction you to take a new step in a different direction. It may frighten you to the core, and you may feel that you are blindly free falling without a net, but surely when it comes to change, it most often is tied to your destiny. We can run as far as the earth is wide, but destiny always has a way of catching up with you.

Question is why do we run from what we are born to do? Is it really the unknown factor or moreso thinking that we don't have the ability or the know withal to carry it out? When it comes to life change, I would suggest that you add one word to your vocabulary- Purpose! What is your purpose in life, what would you like for your signature in the sand to say about you? With everything in life, purpose trails close behind. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing Just Happens and Nothing Happens Without Purpose. As challenging as change can be, it is necessary for life, we can't stay in the same place forever. We can't be in the same situation forever and nor do the same people stay with us forever. Life is like a big book of your life with several chapters , some chapter stories are long and some are short. Everything in life catapults us to the next event and the next chapter of our life. Embracing Changing is the only way that one can see the real value of life time events. People come and people go, some changes break your heart and cause tremendous pain, and some changes causes you to clap your hands and dance. The world is ever changing and constantly moving, and we have to move along with it. Your attitude is everything when change comes knocking on your door will you slam the door in its face or welcome it as a new opportunity, a new adventure in this journey called life. The clock is constantly ticking, and change is a normal process to life. Everything in Life Must Change! So Have Fun and Get On With It!


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