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So Do Women Really Have The Art Of Seduction?

From the ancient times of Cleopatra and Deliah women have been labeled as the Seductress. That women have the power to bring a man to his knees with the batting of her eyelids. That kingdoms and nations have sent men off to war to conquer lands and kingdoms at the bequest of a woman. That men not only die for the woman they love but just to have a mere nod of her head, a man will do anything for her, to get her admiration and approval.

Well this really is a lot to swallow in thinking that women really have this much power. That the world in essences is dictated by the allurement of a woman. At some points I may have to concur. From the beginning of time in (the Garden of Eden) A Woman (Eve) caught the heart of Adam. She was indeed created to be everything a man needed. Not only a partner, but she was purposely designed to meet a man's inner desires in beauty and compatibility.

Yes women do have the Art of Seduction, but this gifted gem is not to be used maliciously or deceptively. This is not to be used like a love potion with evil tidings, because this violates love based on ones free will and not by coercion, but this is to be used to wonderfully entice her betrothed lover by her innate beauty and charm. It is indeed part of the Love Chase between a Man and a Woman and its suppose to make the ritual dance of affection more alluring and captivating. This is to be an amorous experience for both.

When seduction becomes manipulation it becomes a corrupted art. Women are designed to be beautiful and alluring, and Men are designed to chase after that Woman with reckless abandon and capturing her with true love and affection. Like a beautiful work of art, the love experience is to be the canvas of the soul of two people that have wonderfully found each other. They become intoxicated by one another and their love is full of euphoric bliss as they are captured by each other.

So Yes Women have the Art of Seduction, and in the hands of a wise and beautiful woman she will make her life amazingly enchanting as she uses her God-Given Gift Masterfully with Wisdom and Grace.


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