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What is True Love? One of the greatest mysteries of all time! When we ponder the magnitude and depth of true love we quickly find that we don't know how far true love can go. The depth, the height and the weight of it is immeasurable. As fragile as love may appear to be, its seems to have the strength that is never conquerable or defeated. Love literally has no bounds. Despite the fact that it can render the heart powerless, it has such power that it not only can break a bone, it can shatter to pieces a heart of stone.

Undying love can last forever. It is timeless. Even in unrequited love it still remains untempered by its lack of irreciprocal love. Love is an emotion that one has a hard time denying. Love is a natural emotional response of human affection. You will find that true love will lay down its life for another, and yes it will climb the highest mountains, swim the deepest seas, it is driven by passion and an insatiable desire to give and show love.

One of loves greatest mysteries is you never know when you are going to be hit with cupids bow per say, but when you are hit with the dart of passion, look out because love can then take you anywhere. Most people find that when they got blindsided by love, they were truly not looking for it. Love seems to be elusive when you are in search of it, it seems to act as if it has legs and quickly runs far away from you, as you wildly chase after its shadow.

Once you have discovered that True Love is the Crown Jewel of Life, you will never let it go. Deep down, everyone wants to be loved. We all want to have that partner in life that is not only our soul mate that completes us, but one that is also truly our best friend, that we can share everything and anything with. The ups the downs, the valleys and the mountain peaks are nestled in this love relationship.

We love that incredible feeling of waking up in the morning in the arms of the one we love and adore, and knowing that this love is mutually shared makes loving easy and wonderful.

Love Stands the Test of Time and True Love is Always Worth Waiting For!


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