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Truth be told, finding Mr. Right is about as hard as finding a diamond in the ocean. Not saying that there aren't any men out there that fit this prestigious honor, but it is difficult when it comes to finding Mr. Right For You. We have an amazing knowledge of what we perceive Mr. Right should be, but bringing that to fruition is another issue. Problem is that our fantasy of Mr. Right may not quite live up to the Reality of Mr. Right.

An old saying, 'I can't give you what you want but I can give you what you need," when it comes to loving and receiving love from someone, it doesn't always live up to our hearts expectations. However this is not a reason not to have love. When it comes to evaluating whether or not this man in your life is the one, there are some factors that you must consider. First, above all is how does this Man make you feel, apart from the warm fuzzies and goo-goo-ga-ga's does this man's presence meet your needs? Does he make you feel truly comfortable, at home in his presence. Do you feel that you can let your hair down and be the real you? Are you nervous, walking on egg shells, afraid to say how you feel when he is around? Its important for you to evaluate your feelings and the warmth of your surrounding. Do you feel that you fit into this man's life, is it a perfect fit or an awkward fit? It is understandable that when two people come together they are not always going to agree on everything, the differences between two people is quite normal, and its good to welcome those differences and celebrate them rather than trying to alter or change the other person's personality.

Secondly, in finding Mr. Right, you also have to be Mrs. Right. It's a two way street, that you both have to meet the needs and desires of the other person. Likability is a plus in the first steps of meshing together. You as a woman have to be "Wife Material,"especially if you are expecting a man to be Mr. Right (Husband Material), are you willing as well to take on those marital vows of love and commitment to honor and cherish no matter what? When a Man, finds a wife, and for him it is his most treasured gift, leadership and honor come naturally to a man. Men will be the source and protectors of the family unit, and that woman in his life is his first priority.

Some may say well this is not so with my husband, I have nothing of the sort. My answer to that is maybe you didn't marry Mr. Right. Love is Powerful, and driven by love creates a force in marriage that binds two people together unconditionally, It's a wall of protection around the marriage that glues two people together like a fortress. Finding Mr. Right should be a wonderful exhilarating experience. True Love always manages to find you in the most simplistic ways. Be You and let your presence usher you into finding love at the right time, with Mr. Right!


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