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  • Bendetta Perry

Prepare To Love

Now that Valentine Day has passed and the drama and sadness of being alone has somewhat subsided, let us take this time to reflect on and plan our possible future. We can now strategize about how we want life to be next year this time. I can’t imagine any lady that does not desire to be in a relationship. I have a few friends who’ve said they don’t need a man, not saying they prefer to be alone, but that the search for a suitable mate has left them exhausted, frustrated and hopeless. Granted the competition is fierce and quality pickings are slim, but the odds of snagging a quality male partner increases with your preparation to love. You know it’s said we females mature faster than males. A male colleague suggest that females come into the world fully equipped. The only thing required is time and growth. On the other hand, he says males require a metamorphic process.

With time, they completely change and develop the ability to support themselves so they can move into their possible future. He believes a quality female partner can encourage that developmental process. The Creator did say: It’s not good that man should be alone”. It’s also stated in the book of Jeremiah that Yahweh has a plan of good for our lives. So it’s God’s plan that you not be alone and it’s God’s will that we all be loved. When God presented Eve to Adam she was complete and ready to be a helpmeet. She was ready to love. Naomi, of the Bible, helped Ruth prepare and present herself to Boaz. Sometimes we look for someone to love us. Let’s prepare ourselves to be helpful and to love and then let God present us.

God’s love is like perfume it releases a sweet smelling aroma in the atmosphere of the lives that have been touch by its fragrance. Become the vessel that God can flow his love through to others. Love you ladies and gentlemen!!!

Evangelist Bendetta Perry/Fragrance of the Spirit-God’s Aroma


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