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One of the greatest moments in life is when we Arise and Shine meeting the morning dawn. There is nothing more amazing than awakening with a beautiful refreshed spirit, that feels like warm sun upon the face. How you awaken each day is up to you. You can embrace each day as a challenge, or you can hide under the covers expecting the worst that the day has to offer. When I reflect on the Easter Holiday I find that there is a wonderful lesson to be had in the Easter Message of the Resurrection. The disciples that followed Jesus had doubt that he was the Savior. Despite all of his miracles, they somehow in that moment of despair, found that his death upon the cross was not only the end of his ministry, but they all felt that what he had come to do was never going to happen in essence it was over, leaving them lost and without a leader. But the mystery that they failed to see, was, that not only was he the Savior but he was the Resurrection. That doom and gloom and death that encircled him had no power over him, and that indeed by morning's dawn he would rise again.

Imagine the amazement that they had when they came face to face with a Resurrected Christ. What they failed to realize in depth was that he not only did what he said, but if they had held unto faith and belief those moments of despair would not have caused any reason for their fear or doubt. Perspective is everything, how you see and handle a situation is everything. You have to conquer your fears, and you have to allow yourself to see the impossible in the midst of the worst set of circumstances. Challenge yourself that each day each morning you will call forth a brighter day, let your heart and soul dance with exuberance because you are beautiful and the world is still beautiful where all things are possible. Arise and Shine and May the Glory of God Rise Upon You.


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