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The Eye is the Eye Gate to the Soul! And a Woman that knows that, finds that the hidden jewel of this mystery is that men are moved by what they see. Its their EyeGate. It is the driven force behind their feelings and emotions. While women are moved by the EarGate, the soothing, seducing sounds of a mans voice and words, men's eyes are full of excitement that can't be contained when they see a beautiful woman. This isn't to dismiss the fact that men are only moved by emotion of things that are on the outside (that which is seen), they are as well moved by the beauty of the soul. But the initial contact and force is by foremost what they see. This is why most women have truly mastered the art of seduction by wearing beautiful clothing and being attractively adorned. Beauty simply makes a man's heart melt. He is unable to contain himself or control his emotions around a beautiful woman, he can even become a babbling fool or simply put a doofus when a beautiful woman is around. Her presence for him is enchanting. Like a well-spring in his heart he is completely captivated by her looks and her charm.


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