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When I hear the birds chirping in the morning its like the most melodious sound you can hear. Spring is like love and music in the air. There is nothing like the birth of a new relationship that is warm, cozy and exciting. There is nothing more magical that when two people come together and make a connection. That freshness of the relationship causes such a wonderment in the relationship that two people all of sudden become inseparable, they only want to be in each others presences. As that intensity grows, passion trust and loyalty grow. Its like a field of beautiful flowers blooming everywhere.

Everything comes alive when two people fall in love. Their senses seem to be escalated to new levels. Food taste sweeter, the air smells fresher, the time seems longer. Everything around you has changed yet nothing has changed but you having a heighten sense that has been changed by love.

The chemical reaction in the brain is causing you to find complete pleasure with the one you are with. Ahh so lovely and so beautiful or the endorphines exploding in your brain. That's why most people say, there is absolutely nothing better than falling in love.


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