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Surely He's My Adonis. As you wipe the drool from your lips and get all weak in the knees, the first thing you want to know about this man, before you fall head over heels madly in love in love with him "Is He Swoon-Worthy?"

Surely he has melted your heart by his looks and amazing physique. But isn't there much more to a man than his outside exterior. Surely his brains matter, but the most signing tell that he has what it takes to be Swoon-Worthy is his Heart!

Does he have a good heart? Not just a good heart towards his own "Mother" but a Heart after "You!" Is he willing to put you first in his life, and put you first in his heart? "The Bible declares that when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing, that its his crown. Is he willing for you to be his crown? This man will show all of this by the way he treats you. Does he He Respect You? This respect is not only shown if front of others but behind close doors. Does he verbally abuse you calling you profane names, destroying your self-esteem, or physically hit you where you live not only in fear put are ashamed?

Truly none of this behavior have the signs of love and affection.

I happen to stumble upon a talk show the other day that caught my attention, the women on the show wanted to find out if their man was lying. They felt that they were cheating and they wanted on national television to find out the truth. These women not only found out the man was cheating, but was confronted by the other woman or women in the man's life, and of course a fight ensued. Surely you can guess the likes of these shows. Though some find it quite entertaining to see women or men fight over the love and affection of another, in my mind why fight over a man that doesn't love or respect you.

It baffles me that when a person says point blank that they don't love you are want you, some where in your mind you feel that you have the power to convince someone otherwise to love you and stay in the relationship, when all of their behavior speaks volumes that they have left the relationship long time ago.

So in essences why desire affections truly over a man or woman that is not Swoon-Worthy? One of the biggest lessons in love to learn is that you can't make someone love you. You can't buy or coerce affection. It is foolish to think if a man can dog you on national television that when you get him home he is still not a dog, that is infested with fleas. Begging for love should never be an option in your life, even if you feel you have no other options. Patience is a virtue and time indeed changes all things.

A man that is Swoon-Worthy, adores you, respects you and above all honors and loves you. This is what make this relationship worth everything. Being in a relationship that is one-sided is not a relationship. Women have to know what they are worth, if they settle for the crumbs off the table, than the man will treat you no more than what you think you are worth.

A woman is the crown jewel, a beauty. She should be his sunshine, and his sunset in a day. Why I question would you settle for anything less than this? There are plenty of men in the world that know how to love a woman righteously. Righteous love is real love, and yes, you may have to go through a few dogs to find them, but truly the search of true love and a "Swoon-Worthy" Man is worth it, because truly you are Worth It!

Copyright © 2018 Candace Chambers-Belida

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