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10 Things I Love About Life!

There is nothing as exhilarating than LIFE! When you look around this great big universe you can't help but be awe struck and mesmerized by its majestic glory as well as its amazing beauty.

Everything around you breathes life. Everything is full of excitement from the ocean teeming with sea life to the sun setting in all of its strength. No matter where you look life surrounds you. But its not what you see that is so captivating, its what you feel. What you feel when you wake up in the morning and you recognize that life has blessed you with another day. Another Day to Do. Do whatever you desire and whatever you feel. Another day to kiss a love one, another day to create with your hands, another day to travel around the world, another day to lend a helping hand. You will never out do life. With all the talents and abilities that are inside of you, you will never in a lifetime fulfill all of these things. Life is the Adventure of Adventures ready for you to behold and embrace with everything.

Top 10 Things I Enjoy About Life!

  1. God! I have found that my life is God, and that he makes my life the greatest gift that I could ever behold. The love of God Arrest my Soul and fills me with incredible love for the Creator. Truly his virtue, his power, his forgiveness and love for humanity is our everything.

  2. Family! God has chosen for everyone a family. We are born into a family that God has purposed and selected for us. For what ever reason he has chosen who our parents and siblings will be. As well, where we shall live and who shall enter into our personal circle such as husband, wife and children. Everything is wonderfully crafted by God. To be in this world without a family and friends would be a lonely existence.

  3. Freedom! Free to be you. Free to be the best that you can be. Free to enjoy your own ideas, thoughts, beliefs, philosophies. Free to have your own desires. Free to choose what you want in your life and what you don't want in your life. Free to live your life choices. Freedom to Move and Do!

  4. Talents! Life is like a blank canvas. With all of your talents and abilities you are born with amazing gifts, such as singing the most incredible melody, painting a picture with such talents as Michanagelo. Having the intellect as Einstein, or hitting a ball like Babe Ruth. Such talents hidden inside of each one of us makes life invigorating.

  5. Five Senses! Ahhh --Sight Smell Hearing Taste Feeling. There is nothing more wonderful then the enjoyment of exploring all of these senses.

  6. Challenges. Life is filled with challenges, where we have to lay hold of what each day brings. We have to meet those challenges with bravery and courage. Overcoming fear and adversity.

  7. Space! The World is Big! There is enough space for everyone to enjoy space. Whether it is sitting on a mountain top or sitting on the oceans shores. A place to breathe and exhale and Think!

  8. Serenity! Peace quietness and meditation. We all need to find inner tranquility and inner peace within ourselves, and life has a way through the turmoil of life to offer moments and times of needed peace.

  9. Surprise! Life always has a way of surprising you. The road of life takes many twist and turns and some of those events have surprising outcomes. You never know what a day will bring forth. Life is full of Surprises!

  10. Time! Time is a gift. We have all been given a measure of time. Time to Love, Time to Heal, Time to Give and a Time to Die. Its important that we value the wonderful gift of time. We've all been given one life to live with a certain amount of time, its best to make the best of every second, hour and day living and loving life!


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