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Love & Life Is Like A Merry Go Round!

No matter how you try to plan your life and its future, Life always throws you a curve ball. You may wish to graduate from college with your PHD or your Bachelors and be married with kids by the age of thirty-five. But life has a plan of its own and a course of its own. In reality we are all just going along for the ride. Some people think that its just mere chance or a toss of the coin the way life happens. But the truth be told, life in itself is the greatest mystery there is. No one knows what a day will bring forth. It can bring you euphoric bliss, and the next minute life can slap you in the face with gut wrenching sorrow. Unfortunately no one has control of what this merry go round of life and love will be. The victory is learning to roll with it, like the waves of the sea that churns up murk and mire. Life's victory is how you see what is happening in your life. Recognizing that like is like a huge puzzle and all the pieces have to fit together to bring forth the most incredible picture that is "You," You have been shaped by the joys, sorrows, loves, and challenges of life. Some people are swallowed up by life, and others have masterfully, when sinking take in a big gulp of air, come bursting forth rather than drown in the pool of adversity and trials. Some are better than ever, with a bright and shining perspective of life that is untouchable. They savor life, they have a zeal for life. They can't wait for the mornings dawn to touch their face with excitement. Some though, sad as it may seem have not grasped that this journey is just that a journey that you must meet head on. There is no side road, no skipping what's ahead. We all have the same fate of meeting life head on. This collusion course with life can be mastered leaving us with a true crown of life when we welcome everything that comes our way as an adventure. Even the ups and downs of romance and love has its own incredible excitement co-mingled with pain and sorrow. You can't guarantee the one you love is going to love you back, or love with the same intensity that you give love but yet to be able to Love at all, taste life, feel every emotion under the sun is a gift, and with that gift is the most exhilarating thing at best, is simply the ability to be able to "Breathe" On This Merry Go Round of Life! Enjoying Every Single Second of It. Why? Because it's the Greatest Ride you'll ever be On!


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