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What's Your Happily Ever After?

Is Finding Your Soul Mate Your Happily Ever After? For most people finding the man or woman of their dreams, is their everything. They breathe and sleep finding that perfect significant other. For some their life is not complete unless they have that certain special person that they feel complete them by their side. Is this wrong? Heck No! There is nothing more fascinating and exciting than falling in love and having that amazing person in your life that walks with you hand in hand meeting all of life's challenges and adventures. But I must say that the true revelation of what your Happily Ever After is, has to be something that is deep within you. You must be your own first "Happily Ever After" You have to value and love the worth of your own very existence in order for you to share that existence with someone else. You have to be at peace with being "You." Whether you are single or married you must have the deepest relationship first with yourself. For some they have a relationship with God, that gives them an incredible sense of peace of existence. They feel that life has real incredible meaning when they add God to the equation. They have purpose, direction and feel that destiny is their compass. Being Happy must come from the core of your hearts existence. A satisfaction that you have with life and yourself. So when the right one comes along meshing your hearts together is easier because you are not looking for the other person to be your total existence but rather an addition to your existence. This is important because some people live their life through the other person. They have a hard time being able to know and feel who they really are apart from someone else. So as love between two people becomes a strong force its a force that is built on a solid foundation of two people that are complete first within their self.


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