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Authentically You!

In todays world it hard to just be you. The pressure is on for you to what everyone else wants you to be. It strange but we all have one life and its hard living the one life that we have. We have the tendency to believe if only we looked like this person, or had this person's talents and abilities our life would be incredibly different. But the truth be told we all have issues in life that we have to deal with. Even if you were born with a silver spoon in your hand somewhere down the line, life is going to hit you in the face with something that you have to meet head on. Trying to fit in someone else shoes is never the way to find life's happiness. Its simply masquerading as someone else. Eventually life always has a way of bring you full circle into your own. Your own groove, your own style, your own vibe in essence the authentic you.

Acceptance is a big word, accepting your flaws and imperfection is the foundation of building a better you. With time you can become beautifully and wonderfully made. Your destiny alone possess the best you. Why would you short=change your destiny to try to be like someone else. There will never be another Michael Jackson or Whitney Huston or Marilyn Monroe. The mold was made and then broken and each one everyone of us has our old mold and destiny to fulfill. Life in all of its wonderment is a gift and if we see the blessing and miracle in that fact we will realize that we are a gift to the world and we all have something in someway to offer to it. So today if you are down on your life, or even wish you had someone else;s life know that the world needs you, just the way that you are, the purpose of who and what you are is essential to the world and adds flavor, beauty and joy to it. So Embrace what is Authentically You.


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