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What's the difference between Sex and Making Love?

Some people have absolutely never made love. They think that their physical connection is love at first touch and first kiss. They color the passion and the arousal and the release of endorphins in the brain as love. But there is an incredible distinction between love and sex. In pure and simple definition, sex is lust. People can have complete sex with literally no emotion at all. Whereas in Making the love it is purely emotional rather than physical. There are people that can be as cold as ice right in the middle of having sex. It is only for them a force driven by want, passion or duty. When two people have amororus love for one another their being is knitted together, they mesh together, they feel one another to the core of their being. But above all they have a desire not only to please the other person but they feel the deep love for one another that ignites their soul. It become mystical, spiritual and magical. I sex some people only have the satisfaction of release, there is no true tenderness -some would call it animal lust, that could be fun to have hot heated moment of this type of passion but compounded with love it would be two hearts truly on fire for one another. In love making, you can't get enough of the other person, you thirst for them, you hunger for them and mostly it is a consistent desire to what to be with them no matter breathing the very air they breathe.

Most women mistake that when a man has sex with them they think he has fallen head of heels for them, an contrary what they think, it was just a mere one night stand. Some are absolutely devastated. Questioning how they could of possibly missed all the signs. One sign for sure, if some one rushes you when you are not ready surely they are in it for their own enjoyment. When a person can wait for the right time, the right feelings and the right emotions, right things like love come forth. This really is a good thing no matter how old fashion it may appear to be. Your body is your prize and you alone have to figure out whether or not someone is worthy of it!


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