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Never Look Back!

We all have a tendency to look back over our life, longing for old days past. For most of us those days are bittersweet. We long for the laughter and the joy, and the amazing reminiscent memories of love and family, but those times are also for some filled with pain and lost. Some people can never move forward with their life because they are in the grips of the strongholds of the past. Their feet desire to move forward but unfortunately they are stuck. They are stuck in their mind and their heart. It reminds me of the story in the Bible about Lot's Wife. God was about to destroy the city of Sodom and Gomorrah for its wickedness, and God sent his angels to deliver Lot and his family. God was taking Lot and his family to a new place, a better place, and fruitful place that would bring them joy and peace of mind. Everything about what God was doing for them was for their good and betterment. So as the angels of the Lord had grasped their hands they took them from the city and told them to flee for their lives and to never look back. The command to never look fact freed Lot and his family except for his wife, who turned to look back at the city. Instantly she was turned into a pillar of salt. Now you might say truly this is a fictitious story, well whether or not its true or fable, lets examine what it really means. Lots wife, longed for what was behind her, her friends, her home, her things. Despite the fact that freedom and liberty and a better life was ahead of her, her heart and mind was still in Sodom. Most interesting was that what she found of most importance was not following forward after the mercies and love of God, but rather the lost temporary past is what she was clinging too. There was truly nothing left of value in Sodom, if there had been any value there, trulls God would have required them to take it with them. They were to obey God and flee with the shirts on their backs knowing that the all supreme God would not only be compassionate to them but would also provide all of their sustenance and what aver future needs they would desire. Sadly, when things in the past paralyze our future, that we can't move forward it become a true travesty to our very life. It is imperative to be able to let go of things, places, and people when God definitely directs us to do so. Lots wife had a beautiful future forward, that was destroyed by her love of the past. We can't rewrite our history, but we can write our future. We all come across that divided fork in the road when we all much choose, past or future, life or death. It is truly up to each individual to embrace the beauty of life and have exuberant joy for what is ahead in our lives no matter how challenging it may be. So don't be like Lot's Wife, looking back instead, "Never Look Back when God is moving you Forward!"


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