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  • Bendetta Perry

Refreshing Quotes of Encouragement!

Life’s Journey

Traveling through the Journey of life. Past, Present, and Future. Yet not Chained or Bound In the Time Zone

Kingdom Steppers

A Kingdom Stepper. Will never step backwards (to anything God delivered them out of). Kingdom Steppers step forward, reach their goals and fulfill Purpose and Destiny.

A Smile is Powerful

A smile is always attractive and embracing like the sweet smelling aroma of perfume it changes the atmosphere in a room releasing kindness, acceptance, confidence, joy, laughter, and uplifts the lives of the people embracing its fragrance inviting the other person to smile back. Smile!!!

The Baton

Pick up the baton and run. It might of fallen but pick it up. I hear the Lord saying you are still in the race men and women of God. The race is not given to the swift or to the strong but to those who endures until the end. Pick up your baton and finish the race.

The Confident Woman

The Confident Woman never has a problem giving another woman a compliment for she is never in competition with another woman. She knows the plan of God for her life and therefore she walks in it and encourages everyone male and female to be the best that God has called them to be.


True friends are like diamonds they are rare. If you have a diamond in your life treat that person special because true friendships are priceless. Be a Diamond!!!


Life without Christ is like receiving a bouquet of beautiful roses with no fragrance.


Water, Cooling, Restoring, Reviving, Refreshing to the body, mind, heart, soul, and does the body Good!!! Water got to have it and can’t live without it!! Water is God’s gift to us.


Fragrance of the Spirit God’s Aroma Ministry

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