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Sit Back & Relax!

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life the most coveted thing on the place of the earth is the desire to take a moment and sit back and relax. Oh my what it would be like to take the time out of your busy schedule and meet life head on by simply doing "Nothing" Nothing at All. Oh the wonder of it all. Its almost startling how addicted we have become to our computers, cell phones, social media and the like. It hard to go 20 minutes in a day without checking one or the other. How in the world can we get our life back, have we all fallen down the rabbit hold into the future that nothing will ever be the same where we are driven on a daily basis to keep up and perform. Never taking the time out to breathe or smell the roses. Do we take the time any more for family, and friends that exceeds over the casual 10 minutes. We are losing ourselves because we don't relax anymore. We only engage by a quick tweet or photo op of our latest status or adventure. We cannot let talking and engagement to become obsolete. That dinner table conversation with friends, that beautiful sunset at the beach while roasting smores can't fade away. They say humanity is the master of the destiny, then surely we must be the masters over our time. We have to put everything back into perfect perspective. We must get our minds back into a relax state of mind calming our souls and hearts. Freshness is the essence of new beginnings. Fatigue and weariness has taken over and we must recapture the time for ourselves and our families. Taking the time to quite the inner self and shut out the everyday noise of life. Rejuvenate your spirit by giving it Rest and Relaxation. So Sit Back & Relax!


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