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  • Cheryl McPherson

Glamping: It's Not Your Childhood Camping!

We can all look back on camping trips either with family, scouts, summer camp groups or neighborhood friends, and regardless of the experience, we will all remember the lumpy sleeping bag on the hard uneven ground, and being inundated with mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies. In some cases, those are our only memories! UGH!!

Today, things are different. These are the days of luxury camping, i.e. Glamping, a combination of the beauty of the wilderness with the comfort of a 3-5 star hotel accommodation.

One such place is The Resort at PAWS UP, located in the unspoiled wilderness of Western Montana. Just 35 miles from Missoula, The Resort at PAWS UP is a spa and luxury ranch resort that sits on 37K acres. It is a working cattle ranch that provides generous private houses and luxurious safari style camping tents featuring all the luxury amenities you could ask for and more.

If you desire the “full glamping experience”, they have two-bedroom tents, which can accommodate families, and one-bedroom (adult only) tents that are perfect for that special romantic getaway.

Each tent features ensuite bathrooms and heat or AC depending on the time of year. There is a main dining pavilion, which serves as a gathering point where guests can congregate, relax, and enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared by the camp chef. The nightly highlight is the delectable s’mores prepared by camp butlers around the roaring campfire.

Honeymoon tents are situated in more private locations with enviable luxurious amenities that make them the perfect romantic retreat.

As we near the fall/winter seasons, the outdoor pursuits available will also include snow related activities like cross country skiing, and even equestrian trail rides and excursions like sleigh rides.

If you are interested in an exceptional and different holiday retreat, now’s the time to begin making reservations at The Resort at PAWS UP. It will be a memorable and luxurious antidote to those questionable camping trips from your youth, and your kids will thank you for it!

Photo Credit:Paws UP Resort


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