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The Love of Seasons!

We all love seasons, the changes of the weather. Fall as the leaves turn into magnificent colors, Winter as the cold brisk air runs through our body, exhilarating the soul. Spring that always captures the essence of newness and freshness all around us. Summer that radiates its beauty and warmth upon our spirits.

But the real seasons are the seasons of life. We all have experienced these seasons. There have been seasons of complete peace and joy, to be later tempered with seasons of dryness and drought. These sudden seasons of life that we find ourselves in seem at times to be alarming catching us at a surprise. But these seasons are normal to life. Change is ever present even when we don't see thing moving quickly around us. Its like looking out on the ocean or sea and the water may appear calm but underneath are currents that are moving and churning the bottom waters. It's a continuous motion, yet you may not see all the motion underneath. Our life is in constant motion. We are moving along in life from level to level, to emotion to emotion. How we feel today is different from yesterday, and will change tomorrow. The key to handling the seasons of life is your perspective. If you find change a negative experience more than likely you will not welcome change, but if you see it as a challenge and adventure, and exploration of the unknown you will find that as you walk into a new season, you will embrace all that comes with it more readily. There are some that have never left their hometown, job or certain situations out of fear, fear of whether or not they will be able to succeed in the new season of change in their life. Fear paralyzes you. Life is a risk, has always been and will forever be. Nothing at all is guaranteed in life, but this roller coaster ride of life can be the best thing if you allow it to be. If you face the new things that come your way with the right frame of mind you will succeed even in the most adverse circumstances knowing that these situations are making you a better person leading you to a better life. So stop and enjoy each season of your life, in it you will come to appreciate all is well with your soul.


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