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A World Of Love!

We can out love the things in the world. There is so much love in the world, and so much love in our hearts that if we would start to pour out love on a daily bases even the oceans would not be full of love. From the smallest animal, to the everyday person that we meet in our life, we are born to give and show love.

Love is magical, satisfying and fills every core of every fiber of our being. Like a flower that doesn't receive proper water and sun will shrivel up and die, our hearts will do the same if its not filled with love. Its in our power to sow love and reap the manifestation of love in this world by treating others truly the way that we want to be treated. There is no room for jealousy and hatred where there is love. Imagine what it would be like if we all got along and we were all filled with love and compassion for one another. To live in a neighborhood where everyone gathered together helping one another and having special events celebrating the friendship. This type of love would be heaven sent and is truly foreign to us all. Today in our world there is so much hate, people die daily from the hands of hate, and its time that we break the cycle of hate in the world and try to let love be the driving force of our lives. We need to break the barriers of hatred and racism and love one another no matter what our race and culture are. We all need to have tender hearts that are forgiving and we need to all become more conscious of how we treat one another. Let us reconcile the past mistakes of history by becoming better than our ancestors were. Lets Love! It starts with us and it ends with us. Together we can make this "A World of Love That is The Greatest Place On Earth."


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