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Fall In Love! Crazy Love!

There is something quiet amazing about falling in love. You absolutely never know when the elusive Cupid's Arrow is going to find its way to your heart. The most amazing thing about love is that you never know what is that defining moment when all of your heart strings are pulled in such a way that all you can conclude and surmise is "I'm in Love." It could be as innocent as just a look of the eye that just seem to slay you and render you powerless, spellbound under the affections of this person. It could of been just the right touch, the moon could of been in the right position, the music in the air just sounded perfect. You really don't know really what it precisely is but the thing you do know is that you are now suddenly thrust in the midst of this euphoric feeling of endearment and rapturous love, that all you want is to be next to this person, breathing the very air that they breathe, you all of sudden like the things they like, you even find yourself mesmerized by the scent of their perfume or you find your self intoxicated by the scent that seems to linger on after they have gone away.

Only way to sum all of this up, "Its Crazy Love!" That is what happens when the endorphins in your brain explode with excitement when you have met the one that sparks this fire of excitement within you. We are all powerless to this thing called love. The strongest of us have succumb to the true affections of the delicate feelings that seem to encapsulate the soul of our being when this moment occurs in our life. Truly there is nothing in the world like it. It's Ecstasy at its finest when two people come together and fall in love, some simply say its Magic! No It's Crazy Love!


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