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So When A Man Gets In Your Head, Does That Mean He's In Your Heart?

So Ladies we all know what its like when we can't get this irresistibly charming guy out of our mind. We think about him all the time, but the real question to ponder is just because he has seemed to enter into the recesses of our mind and arrested our attention, found a parking place in our mind, does this mean that he has won a place in our heart? Its amazing how emotions have a way of leading us onto two paths. Falling in Lust or Falling In Love!

Everyone loves that rapturous euphoric feeling of falling in love when we meet someone new.

Our imagination has a way of running ahead of us, and before you know it you are walking down the aisle in a long flowing Vera Wong Dress. You've even seen the perfect house and the white picketed fence, you have even picked already the colors of your decor. Proceeding forth on a this mission as well, your delight is intensified over how many children you will have, with their given names as Bella and Conner, yet its pure imagination, fantasy at best. But through it all the illusion seems real, very real indeed, in your mind this is how it will all be.Yet there is one problem, you're ahead of the game. You are not quiet sure that he feels the same way about you, despite the fact that you both seem to be quite into one another. You both are having a wonderful time enjoying one another. But yet the nagging question still lingers on. Is it real and is it real in the heart?

Are his feelings the same as yours and is he as well being led by the heart or is it a fleeting moment of euphoric feelings and emotions? Its very hard at first to distinguish what is real love or lust or even mere infatuation. Sometimes what you feel in your head never makes it to your heart. Sometimes the heart will receive love with welcome arms or sometimes something will trigger conflict, in the heart and it rejects it. The key thing however is proving the authenticity of love. Real love if its reciprocal is met without reservation or hesitation. Its like reckless abandon. True love is on a natural course to the heart that is unavoidable and unstoppable. The human heart in all of its vulnerability surrenders to the affections of love. Love can not be rushed and it always finds its perfect place in the heart it calls home where it lives on forever.


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