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"We Are Family" & Love Will Keep Us Together!

We have all managed to sing and dance to the Song "We Are Family," whether it was at a wedding or a special event, that song seems to resonate with all of us. We all have those amazing memories of family outings and special family dinners that come once a year such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a highlight and is one of the most travelled times of the year. But through all the merriment of the holiday celebrations there are times when trials, trouble and sorrow hit a family. No matter what the crises or event that may occur, there is one thing that usually stands tall in the midst of adversity and pain is that "We Are Family," This is a bond that is to be unbreakable, that will weather the storms that come in life's way, it is always the joy of family and the memories that echo in the back of the mind that sounds clear as a crystal bell. We are family and we stick together, we pray together, we stand together no matter what. Like on the battlefield we don't leave no one behind, one for all and all for one.

Even when its difficult and even when there are disagreements, we muster all the strength and forgiveness and we soldier on and as a family we stick together. "But you might say, well you don't know my family, they are dysfunctional and toxic and you can hardly stand it. Yes this may be all true.

I know that we don't pick our families, and some family members you would have never selected. But God in his infinite wisdom choose the family that he wanted you to be in. His wisdom is perfect even if it means that this difficult person was meant to make you stronger, and wiser. Love however at the end of the day is what wins in the end. It covers all wrongs and all offenses. It has to be the force that breaks down every wall and that endures the tumultuous storms that come your way. Love is what keeps a family together through all the problems that come into everyday living.

In reflection, thinking of those that won't be a around this Holiday Season gives room for thought, that one should be eternally grateful for the opportunity to share and be apart of ones life. Its a gift to be in the presence of family and friends, and nothing in the world last forever. So its important to put aside all the differences and all the problems and embrace one another, simple because "We Are Family."


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