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No Matter What- Nothing Is Impossible With God!

No matter where you turn, there is someone in this world that is in desperate need of a miracle. Someone that needs that touch from the hand of God that transforms their life. Some skeptics don't believe that miracles exist. That this is something of the past. But trust me when you find yourself in a situation that no human help or resources will do you will then seek high and low to receive a miracle from God.

You might even imagine that God is just to busy to hear you or answer your prayer. You have tried to solve the problem and with your limited ability you will reason that its just impossible even for God, because in your mind you can't figure out how it could possibly happen in a miraculous way. Oh Ye of Little Faith. God is not restricted by your circumstances nor can you but God in a box thinking that the problem is just to big for God. Stop a second and ponder this, the God of the Universe can hold the ocean in the palm of his hands without dropping a single drop of water, he has the power to call forth light and darkness. He governs over the storehouses of the snow and sleet. He sees all and knows all and by him we move and have our complete being. Our very breath is in his hands. He is the Giver of Life. How then could anything be impossible for the Living and One True God. There is more power in the tip of his fingernail than all of humanity combined. There are times when all we have that we can count on is his grace and mercy, and with his powerful love he can embrace us with his miracles.

I have seen those miracles, unexplained miraculous events that left me utterly speechless. Where I knew without a doubt it could only of been God that turned a situation around. I've seen those deathly ill, turned and healed, near death car accidents where the person walked away. Everyday life can hit you with an event that only by the grace of God you survived. For me I can't unsee what I have seen, unhear what I have heard. Once God does something amazing in your life you are never the same. You feel his power to the core of your being and you recognize that there exist something truly beautiful and more powerful than you. You began to feel incredibly small next to this incredibly powerful God. Your life is changed and you will never be the same. No matter where you are or what it was that brought the miracle of God it has left its imprint upon your soul. He reaches your soul with his majestic presence, and you are left knowing that "Nothing At All is Impossible With God."


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