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Through the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Holiday, everyone wants Christmas to not only be magical but beautifully enchanting. So we all go through extremes to find the perfect Christmas Gift. We sometimes have incredible anxiety over the holidays that lead to frustrations and angst in trying to please the ones we love and friends in getting that right gift. Could it be that the perfect gift truly is not found wrapped in beautifully decorated paper under the Christmas Tree, but rather the greatest gift is the Gift of Love? Could it be that it was always right under our nose that the real true gift of giving is the giving of oneself and the gift of love?

Well I had the most wonderful experience while shopping at a local store. It was raining cats and dogs, and I had to get a few things and ran into the store without my purse. Knowing I would be completely drenched, I had put some cash in my back pocket and headed for the door. After shopping and getting everything that I wanted, I headed for the cashier's line. When it came time to pay, thinking I had more than enough cash to my dismay I was a few dollars short. But to my surprise the cashier that had to take her lunch break when it was my turn, lingered around as her relief person rang me up. As I asked the cashier what was the correct amount and I would put some items back, the Cashier that was on her break told the Cashier, ring up everything, as she reached into her pocket she said, "Here is the money she needs."

Wow!!! To my utter surprise she deliberately had waited until I was rung up and with such a beautiful act of kindness she paid the difference. It wasn't the fact that it was only a few dollars that was needed, it was the fact that there is still beauty in the world when people show acts of Kindness and Love. I was completely floored and taken by surprise by such a wonderfully kind woman that not only showed acts of kindness but ushered in the Beautiful Holiday Spirit. I had been sadden because my beautiful aunt had passed away over the Thanksgiving Holiday, and my mother had just fallen the day before and broken her foot and I was on my way back to the hospital.

God has a way of letting you know that angels abound in unaware places and that his love is truly supreme in all things. He is mindful of the little things that we go through. I hugged this beautiful woman, named Denise at Meijers that made my day. I have only three words for this exceptional and amazing employee of Meijers- "Denise You Rock."

So let us all learn a lesson and being truly reminded that no doubt that Love is the only Gift that is truly worth Giving!


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