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The Real Christmas Story!

The Real Christmas Story is "Born To Die To Live Again." We've all mused over the magical Santa Claus Story with the beautiful flying reindeers, weathering the fierce winter snow storms from the North Pole, to load each home with the special Christmas gifts created secretly by the elves. It is one of the most fascinating stories that make the Christmas season quiet enchanting. But the Real Story that is often hidden is the Story of the Birth of Jesus Christ. Born in a humble manger surrounded by a heavenly cloud of witnesses and three wise men who travelled abroad for miles bringing treasures of gold, silver and myrrh as a offering to the new born King of Kings But what really is the mystery behind this story is the fact that this King was "Born to Die to Live Again." He only came into this world to sacrifice his life for humanity by being the Savior of the World, forgiving humanity of their sins and transgressions. What a journey what a sacrifice that would lead to such a Crown of Glory! The true love of this story is the sacrifice of life out of deep love to the unworthy. That God would love mankind so much that he would allow his only begotten son to be the true sacrificial lamb and he would bear the sins of the entire world. This is love imaginable. Incredibly the greatest act the world would ever see. Christmas is a time of giving and yes it is one day that is set apart each year. But the Christ gave his live for all eternity, so that all humanity would be saved and know his love and forgiveness. He was Born To Die To Live Again! His resurrection from the dead after his death on Calvary is our true everlasting hope of glory and the greatest Christmas Story Ever Told.


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