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A New You!

All of us wish at some point in life wish to have a "Do Over." Each new year brings to us a re-ignited fire in our soul that the coming year we will be better to ourselves. We will eat better, exercise better, and ultimately live better. We all have an incredible passion deep within our souls to be a better person to face the everyday challenges of life in a more confident way. Life has a way at times of sucking out the joy and life out of you with the problems of the world. We all look for that desired haven that is some type of mystical place that is trouble free But the truth be told that mystical place is within us. Its how we handle the crises of life, do we allow it to beat us down, or do we rise to the occasion and understand that the "Sun will Rise Tomorrow!" Its important to recognize that life is fleeting and its imperative that we live life to the fullest and that everything we do and touch in life should be given our best. The best you is a New You everyday, you will meet the day that has never been and that is now new to you. How you face it is not just the external side of life but the internal side. Do you have the deep spiritual realization inside of you that tells you that everything that happens is with purpose and meaning? All things happen for a reason, and truly at the end of every situation you come out wiser and better, no matter what you have faced in the day. A New You must be met with an inexpressible joy everyday that life with all of its ups and downs is still beautiful. Sharing that expression of beauty to the world gives life a deeper meaning. It makes relationships more treasured and honored. Life is a Gift and what you bring to it makes this adventure extraordinary. Let your eyes shine with sunlight and let your face glow with radiant joy that despite this sometimes crazy adventure it is truly the ultimate ride of your life. Let life taste and feel better. Savor every second in the day and find the uniqueness in each moment. Do something you desire, expand your wings and fly. Don't second guess yourself so much and talk yourself out of trying something new. Life is fluid and you have to keep moving as the world keeps turning. A New You is up to You to allow the world to see the beauty of life existence in your eyes and in the beauty of your smile.


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