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"Breaking" The Male BreakUp Code!

Yes Ladies! I believe I have cracked the Male BreakUp Code! When it comes to breaking up men have created the ultimate break up code. For them its completely flawless and perfect. Talking with a close male friend of mine the other day he coyishly revealed the madness of the secret breakup code, known only to men, when I had asked how he and his girlfriend were doing. He quickly chimed in that it was over. How he didn't want to hurt her feelings when he found out that she really wasn't the chosen one. In the beginning of the relationship he had pledged undying loyalty and and crazy love for this woman. So how in the world could he possibly now tippy toe out of this relationship without hurting this woman and without becoming to badly unscathed by this woman that is now totally blindsided by the upcoming events? Well, by simply giving her the match that ignites the break up torch. "In simply terms allowing her to think that she is the one breaking off the relationship." As insidious as it sounds, for men its completely brilliant. It is master deception hidden under the cloak of secrecy and falsehood. Its guise has no bounds. Its strategic timing is flawless. I was dead stopped in my tracks that in essence men were using complete reverse psychology on their partner, to end the relationship, even if it meant acting like a complete (donkey's ass) excuse my french to get rid of the woman in their life. Men would go at all lengths to being the bad guy to get rid of their girlfriend. From detailed and orchestrated aloofness (ignoring phone calls and texts), cheating, (side chick, ex, etc.) to staying out all night (completely MIA), to drink bingeing, to spending enormous amounts of money foolishly, and lest we forget the techno way to deliberately artistically staging events with the help of social media and photoshopping crafty images pretending of course to be elsewhere, all in the complete efforts to get rid of her. They truly become cold as ice and terribly obnoxious. So despite this "Oscar" wining performance, for a man there is no limit or boundaries to getting the woman to break up with him, thus their end game - their get out of jail free card in the relationship, PERIOD. My first question is why all the crazy drama when you can simply say two words to the woman in your life, "Its Over." Why be a Drama King about it? Well sadly, only one reason, when it comes to breaking a woman's heart despite the pain that is later ensued to the woman, men are complete cowards, gutless. All the bravado in the world can't give a man the boldness to face the breakup. So they flee and flee fast with the amazing plan in hand to allow the woman to be so devastated and furious with their planned behavior that she ultimately says the magic words "Its Over." The woman has no idea that she has been played and fallen into the complete chicanery of the man giving him his hearts desire, by setting him completely free to roam as he pleases. She is left licking her wounds wondering what in the world happen to the love of her life that suddenly turned into Dr. Jeykell and Mr. Hyde. She is left so confused and conflicted wondering what she has done wrong, and what she could have done to save their amorous relationship, that all she can do now is simply wallow in her tears and misery as she receive comfort from her girlfriends as they all binge on Rocky Road Ice Cream. Hallelujah!

Her girlfriends try to console another one who Bites The Love Dust. So Ladies Woman to Woman-Nothing in the whole wide world is ever going to change the way men break-up with women because this cowardly act is hidden in the true heart of men. They have reasoned and feel that it is better for a woman's psyche if she does the breakup, men feel that if they walk away leaving the woman as the victim she is better off and they feel that surely in time she will indeed recover. In one sense men don't really care if they don the "Bad Guy Persona" because men are really suppose to be the bad guy under that "Prince Charming Persona," anyway. So deep down they feel that they could never hurt the woman by simply saying I don't love you or want you, and it is much easier to act like a fool and let her feel that she is doing what is right for her life in letting go and moving forward to find her Real "Mr. Right." Sadly "Ladies" this is as good as it gets. The Guy gets off scot-free, literally conscious free, with little guilt or remorse because he deliberately put the break up in your hands and power, by masquerading around as a horrible boyfriend to get you simply to do it. No matter who this man is or what his background may be, if he doesn't have the courage to look you in the face and tell you the complete truth, was he really ever the guy? I am sure that it will be talked about for centuries that men seem utterly incapable of facing certain things when it comes to women and the breakup is indeed one of them. Ladies if the man has to go through all types of charades to get away from you, "Just Let Him Go" and don't cry over spilled milk, keep it moving and just learn quickly the gift of "Goodbye!" Besides, there are truly plenty of fish in the sea!


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