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We all have a tendency to always look at the man to see if he is He-Worthy for the relationship, but seldom do women think whether or not they are She-Worthy. What is a She-Worthy Woman? The first thing that a She-Worthy Woman is would be knowing her true worth of the essences of who she is. Most women look to be validated by others for their existence rather than finding for themselves their very own true worth. What makes her valuable, what makes her unique and above all does she value her own true self-worth.

In a blink of an eye most men know whether or not a woman is She –Worthy. She–Worthy is the woman that he wants to take home to meet his parents, she’s the one that his heart can’t get enough of. Ultimately she is the one that he wants to marry.

The amazing song by Michael Bolton “When A man Loves A Woman” comes to mind when you define She-Worthiness. At least in a man’s eyes this women is the absolute best. She is his everything, but above all how she perceives herself, is really what adds true value to her worthiness. She knows what she is made up of. She knows her talents , strengths and her weaknesses, and all of this adds to her incredible beauty of worthiness.

Confidence exudes from a She-Worthy Woman. It’s important to understand that confidence is not conceit. Having a true value sense of who and what you are, adds to you beauty and charm, conceit is a take-away, it corrupts the pure character of one’s personality. Having a clear sense of your own personal value adds tremendous value to the relationship. How can one expect to be treated with value when one doesn’t even value oneself.

The Beauty of a woman’s worth is not measured on the outside, but it is measured on the inside. How does she see herself and how does she reflect that image to others. No matter what you add to yourself such as riches, fancy cars, homes, designer clothes and the best stiletto shoes in town, none of this will add to the true value of who you are. The true value of who you are can’t be bought, its has to be created and nurtured within you. You can’t borrow it, buy or beg for it.

Your presence is measured by the essence of who and what you are that brings true She-Worthiness to You. Do you know your Worth?


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