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Live A Little Indulge The Soul!

Indulge and Refresh the Soul is "Soul Therapy!" We have a tendency to focus on the outside of ourselves and never stop to nourish the mind and the soul. The soul needs time to process the emotions and feelings of life. With the continued everyday demands on life the soul needs "Soul Relief." That moment when everything that is presses your soul and heavy on your mind is when you take a moment and cause all worry and anxiety to "Cease and Desist." It is imperative to realize that nothing effects the human body more than what ultimately affects the soul. You may not be able to see the soul, but truly it is the utmost core of your inner being. It is the secret place where everything is truly hidden. It houses everything about you, what you really feel and your true instinct and gut feeling of everything relating to you. The soul must be awakened with rejunevantion and energy. The soul is like your heart beat, only a deeper source of your true self. It is affected in the utmost way by the continued stresses of life; housing your pain, sorrow and yes even in your utmost joy the soul can't be ignored. It must be fed daily and covets the true beauty of life and the wonderment of love. The soul can't survive without love, beauty and freedom. Whether you are on a spiritual retreat or vacation, alone time is what is needed for reflection, assessment of life. After a time of purely indulging the soul your soul is awakened like a breath of fresh air, the beauty of the dawn like the kiss of the morning, its inner core has the sweetest peace like oceans seas. Revived, you now face a new day with hope, faith and renewed strength. Be good to your soul and indulge your private escape of rejuvenated in bliss and solitude!


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